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Luxe Interior

With this interior you have chosen the best possible quality. It offers you the luxury and comfort which you are used to having. You don’t mind spending a little extra.


Standard Interior

A good, comfortable feeling, that is what you achieve in choosing this interior. You get exactly what you need, no top design but good quality furniture that gives you that ‘homey’ feeling.


Budget Interior

Your house is neatly furnished. The style is good but nothing too fancy. More importantly, the price is right!


Personalized Interior

You have a different but quite distinctive taste, you like things to be different and outstanding, you like to surround yourself with special items, carefully selected. In the personalized interior your taste prevails. You indicate what it is you are looking for and Interior Lease will find it for you.

Luxe Interior Best quality Standard Interior Very impressive Budget Interior In view of economy Personalized Interior Your very own style

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How you decorate your home is very personal. The style in which you furnish your home says a lot about who you are. Especially when you have a temporary home, you like to feel good in your own surroundings. Interior lease rents out furniture, complete interiors and total inventories suiting different styles and price ranges. Our clients are individuals as well as companies. Expat Housing is one of our specialties.

Whether you are temporarily based in the Netherlands or Belgium as an expatriate, or you just wish to make your home look special for selling purposes, Interior lease helps you in creating that special atmosphere.

You can choose from a variety in styles and we are there to assist you in selecting a Luxury, Standard, Budget or Personalized interior. Interior Lease has many contacts in the furniture and upholstery business in the region. Our clients can rely on a friendly and professional service.